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Identity Amnesia // Secret Place (Part 3)

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Pastor Vlad continued Secret Place series with powerful message on Identity Amnesia. In this message you will learn that if you want to have intimacy with God, you must start with your identity first. Message Notes: Trees vs Tumbleweed: Tumbleweed is rootless. Trees have roots near river. Tumbleweed has no home. Trees are planted. Tumbleweed is dry. Trees don’t die in hot summer. Tumbleweed is aimless. Trees provide shade. Tumbleweed is ruthless and irritating. Trees bear fruit. 1. New nature makes it natural to long after God (Ez.11:19; 36:26-27; Jer.31:31-34) People don’t thirst after God for two reasons: - not born again - not renewed in their mind Identity precedes intimacy. If are you not hungry after God, you forgot who you are. 2. New nature needs nurture. (Ps.1:1) Devotion to Jesus precedes devotions with Jesus. Walk. Stand. Sit (Ps.1:1) 3. New nature needs nourishment. (Ps.1:2) If you’re not hungry - you are not healthy. The way to get your hunger back is to view the Scriptures as food, not source of new information. Jesus works on me through his word (John 15:3; Eph.5:26; Ps.119:9, 11) You’re not serving God when you’re reading Bible, Jesus is washing you. SOAP: Scripture Observation Application Prayer KISS: Keep It Scriptural Saints Feed your spirit, not the birth (Mt.13:4) #secretplace #pastorvlad #hungrygen Stay connected with Pastor Vlad Instagram

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