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Real Steel World Robot Boxing Android/iOS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

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This is Gameplay/Walkthrough Of the Android Version of The Real Steel World Robot Boxing (2013) by gamer4ever. Played on Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9305) ====================================== What the press is saying about us: **148Apps: ANOTHER CYBERNETIC HIT!** Enter a brand new ring to become a robot champion once again! Fans of the mobile hit Real Steel won't want to miss Real Steel World Robot Boxing. Real Steel World Robot Boxing packs bigger punches, harder-hitting battles, and double the action of its predecessor with better graphics, brand new robots, more modes and head-to-head multiplayer. In the not-so-distant future where boxing is taken to the extreme, people and robots synch up for a larger-than-life entertainment experience. Pilot a bot-crushing behemoth and jab, uppercut and haymaker your way to victory! Real Steel World Robot Boxing features: -- A total of 24 mean machines, including fan favorite superstars such as Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Now eight new contenders have entered the ring; brawl as Touchdown, HollowJack, Blockbuster, Biowar and more! -- 10 different arenas that barely contain these hulking mechanical brutes. -- Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition and Free Sparring; four diverse modes that will test your mettle AND your metal. -- Bigger, better and now social! Take on friends in live local Wi-Fi multiplayer and fight your way up the leaderboards. -- Customize with decals, load up with upgrades and get a fighting edge with power-ups! -- The movie springs to life with new special moves and cinematic Rip-Offs. -- Real-time action that tests both strategy and reflexes... do you have what it takes? Based on Dreamworks' 2011 film starring Hugh Jackman, the gritty action of Real Steel takes place in a frenzied arena where boxing has gone high-tech. Players will fight, collect, and customize an awesome roster of titans towering over 9feet tall and weighing in over 2000 pounds. Players slug it out to prove who has the real steel to become the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Champion! Real Steel features rich gameplay and high replay value, with over 10 million downloads to date! ========================================= Checkout my channel for more gameplay, walkthrough and playthrough:

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