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[Fanwork] [Gravity Falls] Attack of Weirdmageddon [Animatic]

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WARNING: -MASSIVE- SPOILERS for the following Gravity Falls episodes, please do not proceed if you have not watched these: S2E12 ATOST, S2E17 DaMvtF, S2E18 Part 1. Scenes depicted within diverge from canon because anime = dramatize everything. Probably the most massive "redraw this screencap" project ever, synced to the song that's been done to death, [Guren no Yumiya] by Linked Horizon, from Attack on Titan (Vocaloid cover because Youtube is a buttface and won't let me upload the original: https://youtu.be/jkQe7jGQ0iY). Sadly incomplete. My files kept crashing on me and I ended up losing the entire working file around the 90% completion mark. This is as much as I could salvage/redo (mostly stills) before succumbing to the insanity that is the same song on loop for a thousand years Characters and work belong to Alex Hirsch / Disney, song belongs to Linked Horizon, I own nothing, except maybe the terrible animu translations and wonky animation frames, but I don't want to say goodbye to Gravity Falls, I just wish summer could last forever, thank you Alex and Graviteam for your work on this wonderful, wonderful show, ONWARDS, AOSHIMA I got it (sort of) done and uploaded before Part 2 aired, so there's that at least?! On tumblr:

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