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The Art of Wayfinding

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Public lecture by John Huth, instructor of Harvard University's "Primitive Navigation" class and author of the Lost Art of Finding Our Way, in connection with Harvard University's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments' exhibition, "Finding Our Way: An Exploration of Human Navigation" open through December 11, 2015. Today we can access myriad technologies to get from one place to another, but how did our ancestors find their way? On what knowledge, environmental clues, and instruments did they rely? John Huth, author of The Lost Art of Finding Our Way, will discuss early systems of wayfinding used by cultures around the world—from Norse and Arab explorers to Inuit and Polynesian voyagers—highlighting the skills they used to successfully travel by land and sea. He will demonstrate how our ability to navigate is both intrinsic and adaptive and provide suggestions on how to avoid ever getting lost. Recorded February 12, 2015. John Huth is Donner Professor of Science, Department of Physics and Co-director of the Science Program, Academic Ventures at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

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