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MOMO [animated short film]

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EDIT: THIS IS NOT RELATED TO THE CREEPYPASTA/HORROR CHARACTER/SCULPTURE THAT'S GOING AROUND !!! just take like 2 seconds to check the date or read the description please, this was uploaded almost 4 months ago & momo was the name of my dog. i assumed people could figure that out on their own but after receiving like 20 comments a day saying "this isn't momo" i guess not. please refrain from commenting if you're not going to give feedback on the film :) i'm just deleting tons of comments saying the same thing every day at this point so don't bother lol IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!! NEXT STOP GRADUATION HELL YEAH BABEY i forgot to add alfio to the special thanks page so i'm adding him Here. thank u son in law and huge thank you to shaye and davit for helping me with this, i would have really been in a pinch without those beautiful backgrounds!!! check out their channels: shaye: https://(momo): https://(bruno): https://( i'm going to make another lil memorial video of her soon anyway, i hope you enjoy the final film! i'm really proud of how it came out, and i'm so happy i got it all done on time. thank you to everyone who supported me through the making of this, it really helped me stay motivated! if you'd like to check out content from the making of this you can check out the twitter i made for the film: https:///momo_sga i'm not sure what else to say haha i'm just so glad i'm finally done with this and done with school?! i've been super excited to show off the finished product, i haven't uploaded a long animation like this in forever! and now that i'm done i can finally work on VoH and Leafe!! :'D and other stories that i will have more info on later hehe... thanks for sticking with me through this channel's dead period, i hope it was worth it for this! also my patreon will be more active from now on, so be sure to check it out for exclusive content from me ;3 i will be posting lots of stuff from the production of my series! --------------------------------------------------------------- ☆ patreon: https://

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