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The Clockwork Lounge - 'She Said...'. Demo version. (Wigan band)

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The Clockwork Lounge: 'She Said...' From a very early and original five-track demo tape. This is the first track on the original demo tape. The song was written by the bass player and the lead vocalist. This track has been taken from an original and very rare 'The Clockwork Lounge' demonstration tape. This particular recording was done in a small backstreet recording studio in Bolton, in the northwest of England; with extremely basic equipment and limited in both, amount and capability. Like the studio, the equipment was far away from being modern - could have been first used by Emile Berliner. The band had only three members and on this recording ('She Said...') it consisted of: - drums/backing vocals - bass/backing vocals - guitar/vocals. Arrangement, production et al were done by 'The Clockwork Lounge'. A band which started and continued to set new standards! +++++

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