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Sh!t My Grunt Says: Relic Militia

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The complete Militia grunt banter from the campaign map Relic. Transcript below. "Sarah doesn't trust that MacAllan one bit." "Sarah wouldn't trust her own mother with a bandage." "That IMC carrier looks like it crash-landed here years ago." "There's no way it can start up again. No way." "The IMC wants MacAllan...Graves wants MacAllan..." "Well if the IMC wants him so bad, maybe we should hang onto him." "I can't believe that thing still works." "That carrier does put on quite the light show." "Damn, that carrier's missing a lot of hull plating." "I'll bet that's what they used to build the colony down in the valley. That plating will hold up against just about anything." "Keep up the fire, we gotta make sure MacAllan and Bish get that data!" "Well whatever they're pulling off that carrier's data core better be worth it. We've lot a lot of men already." "I don't know if it's the smoke or the crappy air on this planet that's making it tough to breathe." "It's not the planet, it's the chemicals and gasses leaking from the wreck." "I'll bet you half your rations that I can get to the top of that carrier before you." "There's no way you're getting up there without getting shot in the head, dude." "I'd love to have the chance to take down a carrier myself." "I have no idea how we'd ever get to do something like that, but I'm with you." "We're trusting that MacAllan guy?" "We trust everyone who's against the IMC. Besides, Bish cleared him and that's good enough for me." "I don't like that MacAllan guy. Sarah doesn't like him, either." "You don't have to copy everything that Sarah does, now shoot something!" "Careful in the carrier, there's a lot of vertical space, watch for Pilots on the walls!" "Got it!" "Watch for sudden drops, this place is full of them!" "Copy that." "That carrier might be dead in the water, but the salvage has gotta be worth a lot of money." "Sure, but the intel on that ship's data core is priceless. It could help us win the war!" "I can't believe MacAllan just left the war." "Sometimes people get sick of killing. They get sick of dodging death." "I'd never turn my back on what we're fighting for. The moment you turn your back, you can't dodge anything!" "There's some history between MacAllan and that IMC commander, Graves." "It's a good thing MacAllan is fighting with us." "Hopefully." "Hundreds of people die, and MacAllan digs only one grave?" "I hear he came to this planet with his wife. I don't see her around, do you?" "How the hell should I know? It's hard to see past the bullets and smoke." "Rumor is MacAllan mutinied against Graves and stole his ship." "Some balls on that guy. We could use someone like that working for us." "I think he already is. He's giving out orders, isn't he?" "I think I can still see the smoke burning from that colony." "It only makes me want to take down more IMC!" "Well that's what we're here for, right?" "I've never been inside one of these carriers. Are these real borium panels?" "What do you know about borium?" "I know it shines really nice!" "This carrier's like a floating city in space. When it's actually flying, that is..." "What happened to all the people who lived on it?" "I think they just got slaughtered by those Spectres." "Maybe that carrier's still got some juice in it." "If I were the IMC I wouldn't let that thing fall into enemy hands." "If you were the IMC? Be careful what you say. Rumors spread." "Seeing that carrier in pieces must really piss off the IMC." "Yeah, this is a reminder of their failure." "I got my wife to do that for me!" "That IMC supercarrier is one hell of a big ship!" "The real question is how did it end up here?" "Well, if we get this guy MacAllan outta here you can ask him later yourself." "Taking orders from an ex-IMC? I can't imagine this war getting any more twisted." "I think it's great, man! There's so much we can learn from this guy. He's gonna be an asset." "I'm an asset! That's all we need!" "That MacAllan is sure taking his sweet time!" "Have you ever tried to crack IMC codes? We're talking about forty-ninety-six-bit encryption, with randomized rotation over a million hertz! You're damned right it's gonna take some time!" "What are you, a scientist with a gun fetish?" "I think Bish knows who MacAllan is." "He's sure that MacAllan was Graves' second." "He's THAT MacAllan? The one from the Titan Wars?" "Used to be one of the best Pilots out there!" "Hey Sarge, you know anything about this guy, MacAllan?" "All I know is he's ex-IMC. Led a mutinty aboard the Odyssey 15 years ago." "So I guess we can trust him now." "I wouldn't go that far, but I heard his wife was killed in the colony attack, so he sure as hell isn't their friend, either."

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