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Do Filmmakers Need Film School?

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A question that comes up often for people who want to break into the film business is whether they should go to film school or not? Most would agree that one does not have to go to film school to work in the film industry. For those who do go, what benefits and advantages do they have? How hard is it for those who don't go to film school to break into the business? What's the first job a film school graduate should go after? We hope to answer these questions and much more. This video features people who have gone to film school and many who haven't. You will hear both sides of the argument and you will benefit from the experiences and lessons from 20+ filmmakers. 2:18 - Film School Experiences 27:12 - Skipping Film School 40:41 - Whether You Go To Film School Or Not, You Have To Make Your Own Mark CONNECT WITH FILM COURAGE (over 200 interviews and counting) It continues to be our workhorse -

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