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The Clockwork Lounge - 'Lonely'. Demo version. (Wigan band)

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The Clockwork Lounge: 'Lonely' From the original five-track demo tape. The song / vignette was written by the bass player and the lead vocalist. This track is taken from the original and very rare 'The Clockwork Lounge' demonstration tape and is the fifth track on the demo tape. This particular recording took place in a small backstreet recording studio in Bolton, NW England and with very limited analogue equipment; at a time when analogue was being used and midi was unavailable. The band had only three members and on this recording ('Lonely'') it consisted of: - drums/backing vocals - bass/keyboards/synthesizers/backing vocals - guitars/vocals. On this recording, the playing of all instruments, all arrangements, production et cetera were done purely by the three members of 'The Clockwork Lounge'. The song was written with regard to social misunderstanding and alienation, those sociological aspects being sometimes difficult to fully understand and with the additional psychological concerns always being slightly vague and difficult to individually grasp. Although the song focused on such a delicate issue it was considered by a recognizable amount of people who knew the band members well to be about one particular member of the band. Others considered it to be about a certain ex-member of the band who sadly chose to end his personal difficulties in such a tragic way and in a way which is normally irreversible. The band members have never fully disclosed the song's true meaning nor have they ever given any information to clarify which person to whom they are referring. Choosing to play live only on those occasions which best suited them and those occasions were certainly 'few and far between', unlike many Wigan bands at the time, The Clockwork Lounge would, under normal conditions, have kept a low profile and would probably have been relatively unknown. But, due to strong local media interest, attention from an array of fellow musicians and the demand for the band to play live, The Clockwork Lounge attained respect and semi-stardom status. The Clockwork Lounge members felt it was not only unnecessary to play live every week, even to the extent of having the possibility to play live two or three times a week, they also felt it would be boring for an audience to see and hear them so often. These were musicians who strongly believed originality and freshness needed to be shown and maintained. This is the band (The Clockwork Lounge) which refused to turn its back on Wigan and the North of England to go down to London to pamper to the requests of EMI Records, therefore never signing a recording contract with the aforementioned record company. There has been an ever-growing mystique and curiosity attached to The Clockwork Lounge. +++++

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