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[EDITING] Needletail PMV MAP - My Way [20/20]

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The song is a minor key version of My Way sung by Chase Holfelder. He's getting the ad money from this video so don't worry :) EVERYTHING FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, ESPECIALLY THE SCRIPT, WILL HAVE SPOILERS FOR SHATTERED SKY And before you ask for a part go through the rules. RULES: -No program watermarks (flipaclip, bandicam, screencast-o-matic...) -Your part must be fullscreen -As this is a PMV map, I'm going to want to have a look at your art and editing instead of animation. Animation might qualify as art examples. -Some parts are longer than others, so keep that in mind while making your pick -One part (and one backup) per person; you can get one part right now and if you decide to be a backup you might get another later on -There must be shading -The color theme is to use some purples and blues, but it's not strict -Tweening would be real nice -I have every right to kick you if you haven't uploaded your part in time. You'll have two months, if you can provide a wip that's more than just a sketch after that you can get a two week extension. -I'll be cleaning up the comments by deleting some. If your comment is gone you didn't get in and probably shouldn't ask more than twice -Don't join if you can't finish your part in time. Seriously. Don't. It's really stressful to me as a host to wait for two weeks over the deadline and ask how the part is going just to get a response like "oh it's almost done I'll upload tomorrow" and then wait for another two weeks for a part before figuring out this person is never going to complete it and give it someone else, which in some cases does the same thing and I end up doing the part myself. Don't do that. I understand that you might have a life but if your life doesn't have time for a MAP part then don't ask for it in the first place. -Keep your finished part on YouTube; okay if it's unlisted Script and designs: https://sta.sh/01a7fq24ka4r Parts: 1. Xemi (DONE) 2. flora waffles (DONE) 3. x VertCat x (DONE) 4. puzzlii (DONE) 5. CursedFlame101 (DONE) 6. ZemmaStudios (DONE) 7. Angel Hawk (DONE) 8. iubii (DONE) 9. arodote (DONE) 10. Riley Ellis (DONE) 11. Peacy Shake (DONE) 12. Faded Kat (DONE) 13. Anji Blizzy (DONE) 14. TheWolfWarrior (DONE) 15. Mine (DONE) 16. catmint (DONE) 17. Luniper (DONE) 18. Tundra Seer (DONE) 19. Kanis (DONE) 20. Mudshadow (DONE) Backups: Zuko-Kitty Deck of Souls Serwolf Catodile Mudshadow Arodote Aviator Zoroark Anji Blizzy Sorrelpaws Allysha Pawpen ShinyLightMoon DollieTea EndlessScreaming seftoto Ramen Moodles Icy Heart Jellifizz Dawnmist

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