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Aamir Khan to Request Modi to Watch PK

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The 49-year-old actor, who will be seen mouthing Bhojpuri dialogues in the movie, said, "We could have chosen any language in the film but I suggested the main character in the film should speak Bhojpuri which will add colour to the movie.Though it is well known that the Prime Minister is always busy in work. It would be interesting if Modi watches the film," said Aamir, who was here to promote the film.The actor said he worked for more than four months on Bhojpuri under guidance of Shanti Bhusan, who hails from Bihar.The original script of the movie was in Khari boli but I suggested Bhojpuri which was ultimately chosen," he said.Aamir recalled that thespian Dilip Kumar had spoken Bhojpuri in the famous film Ganga Jamuna.

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