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DONALD TRUMP LET IT GO FROZEN PARODY Donald Trump sings Let it go from Frozen. This is a Donald Trump parody of Disney Frozen where Trump sings the song Let it go. Can You let it go, Donald Trump? Do you like Donald Trump? Did you know Donald Trump Sings? Well Donald Trump does. This a Donald Trump Parody. I repeat it is a Parody! So Don`t get upset over this Donald Trump Song. In Donald Trumps presidential campaign one of the most controversial was building a wall on the us border? Whats next? Bombing Capetown? That would be one hella Trump south american comedy. Will Trump go through with this promise and build a wall? He is President of america after all... The 8th world miracle -Donald Trump wall! Remember this is just a trump comedy video and just a trump parody. Now excuse me and I will jut go build a snowman! Do you want to build a snowman? ok.. I`ll build it on my own with Donald trump`s help. I feel frozen lol. Disney dont kill me! or Trump It is a bit different than Do you want to build a wall... But Trump in this parody actually sings about building a wall. A Trump parody of Frozen Do you want to build a snowman. What is better? Build a snowman or build a wall? It is a Donald Trump Let it go parody. It is a Frozen Parody. The famous Disney movie Frozen a\and the song Let it go. it is the parody of let it go. Not a Do you want to build a snowman parody. I guess you could also call this a Trump remix or a Trump Song.One fine Trump Disney song. Don`t you think Let it go is one of the better Disney songs? Especially when Donald Trump Sings it. Disney is really good at making songs. So I made a disney song parody and Donald Trump Sings it. Best Donald Trump Parody Ever. This is certainly the Bast Let it Go Parody. Disney is the best at Parodies. I rnjoyed making the let it go parody. Admittedly, making a Trump parody of Trump sings was fun. Leave your favorite Trump song below. ------------------------------------------------------ Donald Trump is the newly elected President of United States. Trump won Clinton and became president on November 11. Trump won the election. Trump is the winner. Trump wins the election. Donald Trump is the new president of USA. Disney song parody of Donald Trump - the president pf USA. ------------------------------------------------------ SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: https:///CaptainSveid Facebook: https://(Frozen Parody) by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues the description of Do You Wanna Build A Wall? - Donald Trump (Frozen Parody) is What's the best way for United States president-elect Donald Trump to convince people that a wall between America and Mexico is a good idea? Why, a song in the style of Frozen's "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" of course. Enjoy!. I am sure you can find it Do You Wanna Build A Wall? - Donald Trump (Frozen Parody) : https://

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