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The Clockwork Lounge - 'Wood Lane'. Demo version (Wigan band)

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The Clockwork Lounge: 'Wood Lane'. Rough mix demo version from an original cassette tape. The song was written by the bass player and the singer; like many songs written by the band this was another experimental area and a track which was only used once or twice as part of the band's live set, then it was shelved. Although the two songwriters constantly wrote songs and experimented with many areas of music in these early years, the band chose songs for their live set which suited them. The band, during these years, had their favoured songs and these were part of the band's live set. There were numerous reasons why a song became 'a favoured song'. Sometimes, a song became part of the band's live set due to the three musicians finding the song comfortable and enjoyable to play. Other times, the three musicians found the song was, as we say, a 'crowd pleaser'. This is one of the early 'rough mix' demo versions of 'Wood Lane' by The Clockwork Lounge and was uploaded from an original cassette containing rough demo mixes of songs written by The Clockwork Lounge. This version contains a varied selection of instruments for experimental use and sounds. The intention was, to record this song using various sounds and styles which slightly differed from previous recordings. This was mixed and recorded by the band. ++++++++++++++

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