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Sony a7R II Long-Term Review

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Chelsea & I take the a7R II to Peru and pit it against the Canon 5DS-R. We've also spent the last 7 weeks using it as our primary 4k video camera. In this video, we'll tell you exactly who the a7R II is right for, and who might be happier with a different camera body. SUBSCRIBE and like ($280 used at Amazon): Canon T3 ($500 at Amazon): Nikon D5300 ($500 at Amazon): Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II ($550 at Amazon): Sony a6000 ($1,400) at Amazon: Nikon D5500 ($3,150) at Amazon: Pentax K-1 ($950 at Amazon): Canon T6i ($3,000 at Amazon): Nikon D610 ($5,300) at Amazon: Nikon D810 ($1,100 at Amazon): Canon 7D ($3,200 at Amazon): Nikon D500 ($500 at Amazon): Panasonic G7 ($1,400 at Amazon): Panasonic GH4 ($4,300 at Amazon): Panasonic GH5 ($400 at Amazon): DJI Phantom 3 ($1,000 at Amazon): DJI Mavic Pro ($1,500 at Amazon): DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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