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Don't Leave Me Brother (TFA FanArt) Speed Art

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Full Picture: (The One With The Chins) And Fell In Love With These To Idiots And They Are Now My 2nd Most Favorite Transformer Right After Drift (Hes Special To Me). It Took Me A Long Time To Draw Them Since Ive Never Ever Draw A Mech Before (Well One Time But It Turned Out Horrible) So It Took Me Years To Sketch This Out But Over All I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well. Do People Still Read This Or Nah. I Only Own The Art Everything Else Belong To There Orginal Owners. Now Away I Shall Go To Ever Get My Lazy Ass To Animated, Hunt Down More Pictures Of Drift Or Watch Transformers (Γ ˚ Д ˚) Γ

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