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CSGO: Full Story Behind The Famous AWP | Dragonlore!

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Info: CSGO video explaining the full story behind the famous AWP Dragonlore and why it is so expensive and hyped! This video is trying to go over the simple "It's expensive because it's rare", so hopefully you might learn something new from this. Below is the link to my Gut Knife Marble Fade giveaway, free to enter! ;D ▽ CHECKOUT THE GIVEAWAY HERE ▽ https://gleam.io/jfhDw/gut-knife-marble-fade-factorynew-giveaway-from-pvprocom ▽ Checkout my sponsor here! ● https:// ▽ Time-Stamps: Video Start - 0:13 Gut Knife Marble Inspect - 0:23 What is the AWP | Dragonlore? - 0:55 Why is the Dragonlore so Expensive? - 1:25 Chance of a Dragonlore Drop - 1:52 Will it Ever Go Down in Price? - 2:27 Crafting a Dragonlore from Scratch - 3:09 Why is the Souvenir More Expensive? - 3:35 Chances at Package Drops - 3:50 Comparison to AWP | Medusa - 5:12 Comparing Cobblestone to Gods and Monsters - 5:50 Conclusion - 6:17 Video End - 7:08 ▽ Stalk Alexjgate :D ● Twitter: https:///alexjgate ● Twitch: (feat. Brenton Mattheus) https://

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