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How to get Laughing Jack in your dream [Remake]

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Hey, Laughing Jack's Fans / Youtube viewers I made this video for Ms Random's ESG, she requested it ........ any way if you want more Creepypasta dreams then request them and I'll test them. Btw here's the link for the video you have to listen to do this. and it's not hard, it's actually easy. Random's was also missing some information in the video and she'll stop making "How to get ______ in your dream" the video she made will probably be deleted including the BEN DROWNED dream and I forgot to put down 1 more side effect, the last side effect is listening to "pop goes the weasel" more than usual. Be warned: it might get you addicted as well (the more you do it, the more dangerous and powerful he'll become) make sure you know Laughing Jack more than anything or else ............ your life might be different when you do this and when you go to the circus / carnival make sure you don't walk to him, even if you see him or smell him don't follow him (just leave him). Pop Goes The Weasel: "The origin of Laughing Jack" story: (snuffbomb) "Laughing Jack" story: ) in red it says: "He Can't Wait To Play With His New Friend" to see the red you could put the video on full screen (if you like). If you can't handle the insanity do NOT do this.

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