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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - Yueying Mystic Weapon Guide

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Goal: Defeat Deng Ai in under 5 minutes. Stage: Chapter 6: Insurrection at Jiange (including Mirror version) Guide: You can sort of cheese this with a really low level Yueying if you wanted by using the catapult to take out Deng Ai, just so long as Yueying is controlling it. That's what I did, though if you can handle taking on Deng Ai with her, that's probably going to be faster and easier than trying to hit him with the catapult as he's moving all over the place. Time: 4:04, leaving about a minute. Location: Center of the map. 1. You must be playing on Hard difficulty or higher. 2. You must complete the objectives as the character you want the weapon for and no others. For example, if you need to get 500 KOs, you have to get 500 KOs as that character and not your total KO count. Same for defeating officers. 3. Upon successful completion of the task you'll receive the message "Treasure has been discovered!". (Use the Battle Log in the pause menu to review its location.) You will get another message when you actually get the weapon. 4. You can only have 1 mystic weapon per character. 5. You can use weapon fusion on them. I'm playing on the PS3 version of the game. The outfits are different because I used the color editor that you unlock after beating the story.

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