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One of Iran's ancient cities explored

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(12 Sep 2009) NO ACCESS BBC PERSIAN TV SERVICE/NO ACCESS VOA PERSIAN TV AP Television is adhering to Iranian law that stipulates all media are banned from providing BBC Persian or VOA Persian any coverage from Iran, and under this law if any media violate this ban the Iranian authorities can immediately shut down that organisation in Tehran. Abyaneh, Isfahan province, Tehran - September, 6th, 2009 1. Mid of Abyaneh village with tree branches in foreground 2. Wide of Abyaneh village 3. Mid of a historic house in village 4. Close-up of hand drawing sketch of house on paper 5. Mid of a tourist drawing houses 6. Close-up of tourist's face 7. Close-up of building's windows 8. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) no name given, Tourist: "This is a very beautiful village, especially because they have preserved its historical fabric and also because of the unique colour of its buildings." 9. Mid of foreign and local tourists 10. Tilt-up of old lady, a resident of Abyaneh wearing traditional outfit of village 11. Close-up of a house's door through geometrical decorations in foreground 12. Mid of an old woman living in Abyaneh sitting on ground 13. Close-up of a clay wall with woman sitting in background 14. Tracking shot of old woman selling handicrafts and foods local to Abyaneh, going in and coming out pointing bag of food to camera 15. UPSOUND(Farsi) old woman, resident of Abyaneh, no name given: "This is dry fruit. You can eat it in the car as snack. Here you go." 16. Close-up of a saleswoman's face wearing Abayaneh's traditional outfit selling handmade jewels 17. Mid of tourists buying food and handicraft 18. SOUNDBITE(English) no name given, tourist from Morocco : "It seems to be to many towns in Morocco. It is more or less the same thing. To find this one in the middle of older mountains is something strange you know." 19. Close-up of a wooden window 20. Tracking shot of foreign tourists walking between clay walls in an alley and speaking 21. Pan of houses' exteriors with red fa�ade Tehran - August, 8th, 2009 22. Set-up shot of Zahed Ghaderi,Close-up of Ghaderi's face 23. Picture of a red wall from Abyaneh village on computer screen 24. SOUNDBITE(Farsi) Zahed Ghaderi, Senior expert of Iran 's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization: "The architecture of the region is a local cliff-based one. Such architecture can be found elsewhere in Iran but it is more distinguished in Abyaneh." Abyaneh - September, 6th, 2009 25. Tracking shot of tourists walking along Abyaneh's old and long alleys 26. Close up of wooden window 27. Pull-focus from corner of a mud-brick wall to wooden windows 28. Zoom in to an old wooden door 29. Close-up of colourful ribbons tied around a wooden window 30. Wide of small window in an arch 31. Wide of an alley in Abyaneh with old man sitting on a staircase 32. SOUNDBITE(English) no name given, tourist: "I mean the houses, are such a, they are wonderful. Old and ancient houses. But one can destroy the effect of these houses by, for instance, using too much wire, visible wire, I mean, because of the electricity." 33. Wide of Abyaneh Hotel entrance with tourists walking up steps 34. Mid of foreign tourists sitting outside hotel 35. Wide of hotel building exterior 36. Wide of Abyaneh hotel lobby 37. Mid of hotel receptionist with Iranian flag in foreground 38. Extreme wide shot of Abyaneh village with mountains in background LEADIN The name Abyaneh resonates through centuries of Iranian history. One of the oldest villages in Iran provides a key to a life that has long since disappeared elsewhere. STORYLINE It nestles on the slopes of mount Karkas, a testament to a life from years ago. You can license this story through AP Archive:

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