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So I just got off the phone with Social Security . The lady from Social Security just told me that they sent The Advocacy Alliance $288.50 for September 1st paycheck . . . I get a check today from The Advocacy Alliance for $35.00 ! And they could have sent me more than that since they now have $240.00 0f my money ! I'm very disgusted for what they did and I honestly think they are frauding me and taken advantage of me !! If you have Social Security and you want an agency to be your Rep Payee I highly suggest you don't associate with The Advocacy Alliance ! In the beginning they take forever to send you your checks because they did that to me and they NEVER contact me and also NEVER tell me what my amount is and I honestly think that's messed up !! They're office is in Scranton , Pa . My Supports Coordinator gave me this stupid agency . I'm so angry that she gave this agency - - - THEY DON'T DO THEY'RE JOB AT ALL !! Sorry for ranting , but people need to know how pathetic The Advocacy Alliance is !! My video I made today - I HATE THE ADVOCACY ALLIANCE : https://

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