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My First Crush

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You guys this crush was my very first crush. It really didn’t mean anything at all. I mean I didn’t even have my first kiss yet that’s how early this crush was. lol so please don’t make anything more out of it then it is. Lol Yes I had an allergic reaction and it made my face really swollen for this video. But that’s okay. I love making videos for you guys and I’m not going to hide my face even though it looked like absolute poop. lol This was still so much fun to make!! I've linked my other story times below! Feel free to watch them too! :-) Don't forget to subscribe! My favorite story time so far! :-) https://youtu.be/xX0IRgYuJJ0 I Am Haunted Video! https://youtu.be/jGpNWRd7LEE My dog's tasteful nudes https://youtu.be/KqLPVKKGF8A Face to Face with a coyote https://youtu.be/tIJ_HySEIfM

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