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Review: Overclocking the Raspberry Pi 3 for RetroPie

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With devices like the NES and SNES Classic going around, many people are looking for a machine that can do what they can do, but with unlimited games and more systems. Many people have turned to the Raspberry Pi 3 installed with the OS Retropie as their solution. From the NES, PS1, and GBA it runs most systems extremely well and gives you plenty of controller, filter, and video options too. Which is something that is lacking on Nintendo's current lineup of machines. However the Raspberry Pi isn't perfect as it still struggles running the Nintendo 64 and systems like the PSP and Dreamcast. Many fans of the Raspberry Pi want to do everything they can to play any extra games on those systems. And the only way that is possible with with our current hardware is overclocking. The purpose of this video is to not only explain how to overclock the Raspberry Pi 3 from the perspective of a newcomer, but also go over the systems that can be improved with the help of overclocking. This is to give everyone the tools and knowledge they need to know how to overclock and give an example of how much it could help certain emulation, if at all. This video is primarily focused towards people who use the Raspberry Pi 3 for Retropie, but the first half should be useful for teaching you how to overclock. Even if you want to overclock the Pi for other reasons. Skip to: -Information on Overclocking!- What is Overclocking - 1:45 Tools needed to Overclock Pi - 3:36 Heatsinks for CPU - 5:48 How to Install a Fan - 6:29 Temperatures - 8:10 How to Overclock the Pi 3 - 9:41 My Final Overclocking Settings - 14:47 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Opinion - 15:35 -Emulation With Overclocked Settings- Second Half Start - 16:45 Minor Improvements to help Emulation - 17:07 Nintendo 64 - 21:59 Dreamcast - 25:42 Playstation Portable - 27:57 Notes: -As I said in the video, I never talked to anybody for this video. I only refereed to posts when I talk about people on here. So don't assume I have any connection with these people, nor that I hold any ill will if I disagree with anything they say. -Turns out that I got my information wrong with the chips on the Pi3. The big chip is both the CPU and GPU and the smaller chip performs other tasks. The chip underneath the board (where I put the copper piece) is also the RAM, not an extension of the CPU. Sorry for that mix up. -The scanlines that I do over some of the bits are fake scanlines I made in Photoshop. The Pi actually has pretty ugly scanlines in their filter sections so I'd much rather use these. -If you have any disagreements with this video please feel free to post it down in the comments. -However I don't tolerate posting links to eBay shops or saying "this device is better" fallowed by a link. I don't mind if you are sharing links for good emulation example or experiences on the Pi. However I don't take kindly to advertising illegal items on eBay (which the loaded Retropies sold online are) and trying to promote others videos. Feel free to leave a comment on how you think the Wii, Xbox, and Android box are better emulation machines, but don't post links to it. If anything just drop the channels name or something. I won't ever ban you unless you are an obvious spam bot. -I plan to look at other emulation machines now so if you have any ideas I'll gladly hear whatever you got. I want to try and go over the PSP and Wii over the summer if possible. -Other Raspberry Pi Videos!- Pi3 Retropie Review: https://(FireRed): https://

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