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10 Most Unusual Pets Ever

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Top 10 of the most unique pet animals and creatures that people own at home! Subscribe to our channel: (or two). Thanks to genetic conditions and deformities, we have been graced by the presence of some pretty unusual and unique pets. History has told us over time that animals who are physically deformed or are afflicted with medical conditions were usually killed off pretty quickly to avoid any suffering, or the animals were interpreted as cursed or representations of the devil. Today, luckily we do not practice these methods anymore unless there is clear indication of suffering. In modern times, we give these animals a second chance in life and see if they can have a good quality of life despite having mental and physical setbacks. It certainly takes a special type of person to become an owner of some of these animals. One of the most famous is owned by Tabatha Bundesen, who is a cat mommy to the infamous Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat. Tardar has a noticeable under bite and feline dwarfism, which causes Tardar’s signature grumpy face that made her so famous. Since we talked about dogs, it’s only fair that we give cats the spotlight now. Frank and Louie, or better known as FrankenLouie was a two face cat who had one brain and one esophagus, but was born with two faces due to an abnormal protein that causing duplications of body parts. Despite being a Janus animal, which only live for a few days after birth, Frank and Louie lived for 12 years before getting an aggressive form of cancer and had to be euthanized. Finally, one of the most unusual pets who is also an inspirational story is Duncan Lou Who, who is a boxer with only two legs. After being born with a physical deformity that affected his rear legs and pelvis, the body parts had to be amputated. But amazingly enough, Duncan didn’t let that stop him and actually learned how to walk and run with just two legs. He doesn’t even used his doggy wheelchair much anymore. There are more unusual pets where this came from. Check out the rest of the video for more! Our Social Media: Facebook: https://

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