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"180" Movie

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Abortion. Is it a woman’s choice? Or is it murder? ”180” has been called a half-hour of “video adrenaline,” an “emotional rollercoaster,” and “mind-blowing.” This riveting, award-winning documentary carries a unique message in which you will see eight people change their minds on abortion in a matter of seconds…because they were asked one question. Learn more: ) English 2.) Spanish / Español 3.) French / Français 4.) German / Deutsch 5.) Portuguese / Português 6.) Russian / Русский 7.) Japanese / 日本国 8.) Italian / Italiano 9.) Polish / Polski And many more... Please click on the CC button for a list of languages that are being added regularly. If you don't see your language listed and you are able to help us translate 180, please contact us via "180" dubbed in Spanish:

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