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Small Details You Missed In Men In Black International

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From the opening credits, Men in Black: International feels every bit like the rest of the franchise - just with better CGI and some fresh faces. It also makes clever nods to its past, as well as other familiar movies. Here are a few small details you may have missed! It's become difficult to separate Chris Hemsworth from the thunder god Thor - the Asgardian Avenger of Marvel's superhero movies. With Hemsworth starring as the hammer-swinging hero in three solo films and all four Avengers installments, it's safe to say there are plenty of moviegoers who might not know who Hemsworth was if it weren't for his MCU flicks. It can be a problem when an actor so closely associated with one role stars in something different, but rather than ignore the proverbial elephant in the room, Men in Black: International has some clever fun with it. Towards the end of the film, Agents H and M, and their sidekick Pawny, infiltrate the fortress of an alien arms dealer. Agent H gets into a fight with the dealer's super strong bodyguard and he's clearly outmatched. At one point, H spots a small hammer and grabs it, but H isn't nearly as skilled in hammer-based combat as Thor... Watch the video for more about small details you missed in Men in Black International! #MenInBlack #MIBInternational #MIB Hammer time | 0:15 Two thumbs up! | 1:10 The Noisy Cricket returns | 2:06 A picture says a thousand words | 3:15 Old friends | 4:18 Sleeping with the fishes | 5:05

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