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Lord Knight Solo - Bio Lab 3th Floor Run - (Rough Test 1) - [XatiyaRO]

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Biolab F3 is by far the hardest dungeon to solo, probably Thor Volcano is the only one that deserves a comparison. To be able to face those different mobs we need also different equips, strategies and a lot of consumables as well. This was a first test and probably I'll do some other, but I have some conclusions about the method to face every mob, starting by the point "Don't face more than 1 mob at the same time, unless rare combinations like Kathryne Keyron + Cecil Damon". Patient is our main weapon here. Obligatory equipments and consumables: In general: -Feather Beret. -Ring of Flame Lord and Ring of Resonance. -Teleport and Hiding accesories. -Thunderproof, Coldproof and Fireproof Potion. While facing Howard Alt-Eisen: Bowling Bash spam. -Executioner [0] or [Sword Guardian]. -Swordfish carded armor. -Raydric carded Proxy Skin. -Lightning Elemental Converter. While facing Kathryne Keyron: Bowling Bash spam. -Dokebi carded armor (we can switch it with Marc, but it depends in what is our biggest fear: Direct Jupitel Thunder or becoming frozen and then receive that overpowered bolt). -Dustiness carded garment. -Bloody Eater [Civil Servant x2] While facing Eremes Guile: Bash spam trying to keep him perma-stunned. Also we can use some Bowling Bash for a bigger damage. -Raydric carded Proxy Skin. -If possible, Strouf/Skel Worker carded Tae Goo Leon. While facing Margaretha Solin: Bowling Bash spam + Step back in order to avoid her Safety Wall. -Executioner [0] or [Sword Guardian]. -Pasana carded armor (only takes 75% from Holy Property). -Guarana Candy. While facing Cecil Damon. Even though I didn't have the chance to face her alone, Charge Attack to be at melee range + Bash spam with Dangerous Soul Collect up will surely work. -Dokebi carded armor. -BG Two Handed Sword or some Hydra/Skel Worker carded weapon. -Seismic Elemental Converter. While facing Seyren Windsor: Bowling Bash spam. I really want to do a serious test against that beast but I'm pretty sure we can defeat solo him with these equips: -Pasana carded armor. -Raydric carded Proxy Skin. -Skull Hood if you can have it (10% resistance to Demon monsters). -Some Two Handed sword with Strouf/Skel Worker/Vadon cards if possible. -Frost Elemental Converter. I really believe this extremely difficult dungeon deserves a chance if you like solo challenges! Still waiting for Biolab F4, hope we can have it soon so I can make some new and for sure really interesting test!

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