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Lord Knight Solo MVP's #2 Dark Lord - [XatiyaRO]

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Server: XatiyaRO Low rates: 10x (Exp) 9x (Normal drop) 3x (Boss drop) Pre-Renewall Time to face the Lord of Glast Heim. This is a pretty strong one, with 3 powerfull moves that we have to control: Meteor Storm, Hell Judgement and Dark Blessing (Coma). We can avoid the last one just by wearing a Bathory Card (Not Evil Druid!). I choose Bowling Bash + Frenzy to defeat him in one assault. This will make very difficult to compete against us, cause we just need less thant two minutes to defeat him and we won't stop attacking. Obligatory equipment: -Bathory Card. -Valkyrian Manteau [Raydric]. -Arta's Golden Gear [Vanberk], Dark Lord breaks helm and we will lose one Vanberk Card if he does it. Obligatory consumables: -Fireproof Resist Potion. -Military Abrasive. -40-100 White Potion (depending on Assumptio luck).

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