Item review - SKMEI Men Digital Wristwatch (Model: 1142)

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This is a video review I made for about a digital LED #wristwatch for men by #SKMEI. Here are several links to purchase this item online: (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Aliexpress) The brand: SKMEI The model: SKMEI 1142 The pros: - Looks great! The design is what I consider “Young and Modern”, but still manages to be elegant (at least with the black color). - The display is clear, with big digits, with or without the backlight. - Affordable price. The cons: - Since all the buttons are on the right side, it takes time to practice which button you press. It is easy to mix between buttons placed one next to each other. **** FAQ : **** Q: How to I set the time / How do I set the date (DD/MM) / How do I define (AM/PM)? A: Please watch the video from 3:30 and follow my guidance. Q: Is this a smartwatch? Does it have a Bluetooth connection? A: This specific model doesnt include Bluetooth, but there is a similar model that is called SKMEI 1255 which is a Bluetooth smartwatch - Here is the video review I made about it: Here is a link to the user manual of this item: I will update the link soon. Here is the description of the item: 2016 New Fashion Military Sports Full LED Screen Men Digital Wrist Watch LED Digital Watch For Men Clock digital-watch For further questions about this video please comment about this video and I will do my best to answer you. I invite you to: - Like this video! - Subscribe "Original Video Reviews" YouTube channel - - Subscribe "OVR Fashion" YouTube channel - - Subscribe "OVR Kids" YouTube channel - - Like my Facebook Page - - Follow my Google+ page - - Follow my Twitter account - - Follow my Instagram account - Disclaimer: The description to this video includes affiliated links. This means that if you choose to purchase via these links, I will receive a small commission that will help me to keep making more quality video reviews. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you'll pay more money because of that, as my interest is to find the best deals for my viewers. Thank you for your understanding.

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